AC Buying Guide: Hello friends, are you thinking of buy AC this summer? If yes, then today’s information will help you a lot. Because in this information, we have try to tell you what you should keep in mind before buying an AC.

Most people think about two things before buying such, first is the price of AC and second is the electricity bill after installing AC. Many people buy an AC but after that use it very rarely, So that the electricity bill does not come too much.

At present, buying an AC is not that difficult. Because the price of AC has become the same as the price of one smartphone. But the electricity bill that comes after buying an AC is very high.

You must have heard from neighbors or friends that before buying AC or Fridge, buy only after seeing the star rating.

Actually, this star rating system shows the ability to use the power of any electricity product. The higher the number of this star, the more efficient the yantra. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency had long ago created this star rating system. So that any buyer can easily understand the energy potential of that product.

On many products you will get ratings from 1 start to 5 stars. But usually only 3 star and five star ratings are available for AC. In such a situation, you can understand that the AC with 5 stars will consume as little electricity as possible and the AC with 3 stars will consume relatively more electricity.

But the biggest difference between these two will be in their price range. Because the price of a 5 Star AC will be very high and the price of a 3 Star AC is much less than the price of a 5 Star AC. So that’s why you have to take care of these things.

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Now we will tell you when you should take 5 star AC and when you should take 3 star AC.

Suppose you have a shop or you are thinking of buying AC for your office, then you should take only 5 star AC. Because in this case you need AC for a long time.

But if you want to take AC for your room and if the heat in that room is a bit low, then it would be right for you to take three star AC. At such a time, even if your AC runs for a short time, your room will remain cool.

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