Akshay Urja Diwas 2022: Know How You Can Sell Electricity Generated From Solar Energy

The country is celebrating National Renewable Energy Day on Saturday. When the country became independent in 1947, at that time only 1362 MW of electricity was generated. Till March 2020, 3 lakh 70 thousand 106 MW electricity is generated in the country. The length of the transmission line is 1 crore 34 lakh 40 thousand 258 circuit km. Today the per capita electricity consumption in the country is 1208 kW (annual). Electricity has reached 5 lakh 97 thousand 464 villages. At the time of independence, electricity had reached 1362 villages.

However, in terms of electricity consumption, we are still far behind the economic superpowers of the world. According to the World Bank report, the per capita consumption of electricity in the US in 2014 was 12,994 kWh, the UK 5,130 kWh while neighboring China had 3,927 kWh. Obviously, to create new paradigms of economic and social development, we have to increase our dependence on renewable energy. According to a report by the International Energy Agency, after 25 years we will be the third largest energy consumer in the world.

$8.6 trillion investment needed by 2040

In a discussion with Amar Ujala, energy affairs expert, author and senior journalist Arvind Mishra says, India is the fourth largest renewable energy (green energy) producer in the world. In 2021 itself, we have managed to make 40 percent of our total electricity generation from non-fossil fuels. To achieve the goal of energy self-sufficiency in the future, India will need an investment of $ 8.6 trillion by 2040. At present, India is focusing heavily on solar, wind and hydrogen energy. We are fifth in the world in solar power generation and fourth in the world in wind power generation.

Mishra says that renewable energy will be helpful in meeting the energy demand for fuel, transport and industrial needs. For this, we only have to focus on the Green Hydrogen to Waste to Energy program. In fact, as an agricultural country, India has a large feedstock (raw material) in the form of organic waste. If we start generating electricity and fuel from stubble and other agri waste, then the whole energy scenario will change. For this, we have to take the technology and investment related to compressed biogas based projects to the gram panchayat level. The usefulness of waste to energy programs can be gauged from the World Bank report which states that by 2030, 387.8 million tonnes of waste will be generated in India. The largest proportion of this is from Agriculture Waste. If we can use this power of animal wealth in developing fuel, then democratic distribution of energy will be ensured along with increasing the income of farmers. For this, we have to build a network of compressed biogas plants based on waste recycling, waste treatment, gasification, paralysis (thermal decomposition) up to the village.

earn money by selling solar energy

In fact, the central government’s most important emphasis is on solar energy. Now the central government is taking the solar power projects at the individual and community level. For this a rooftop scheme has been started. Under this, any person can install a solar plant at home or institution. The special thing is that it can also sell the solar power generated from it to the state and independent discoms. For this you can register yourself on

Here you have to select the vendor and solar panel. After this, after getting approval from the distribution company, you can get the solar panels installed by selecting the vendor given in the portal. After the confirmation mail arrives, you have to give your account number on the portal. The special thing is that under this plan, the vendor also provides you free customer service for five years. So far, 4 lakh people have installed rooftop solar panels in the country. Under this scheme, the government provides 40 percent subsidy on solar panels up to 3 kW. On 3 to 10 kW, the subsidy is available 20 percent. It comes directly to the account of the consumer. Once the solar panels are installed, you can use the required solar energy at home, apart from selling the remaining energy to discoms. The Modi government at the Center is working on the Green Energy Grid for this.

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