BTS’ J-Hope to headline US festival Lollapalooza with Metallica, Green Day

BTS ARMY and TXT’s MOA’s have another reason to celebrate. J-Hope and TXT have joined the line-up at Lollapalooza, an annual music festival that takes place in Chicago. J-Hope will headline July 31, making him the first Korean artist to headline a main stage of a major U.S. music festival. TXT will make their debut on July 30.

An excited J-Hope took to Instagram and shared the announcement, “This is going to be my first performance at @lollapalooza It’s a thrilling new challenge that I think will become a really memorable chapter in my musical history! I’m gonna give you guys a great show. Get ready to get crazyyyyyy!” Metallica, Green Day and Machine Gun Kelly will be some of the artists who will headline the festival as well.

ARMY took to social media and congratulated the rapper, expressing how proud they were of him. “You deserve it Hobi,” one fan wrote. Others joked that his fellow band-members Jimin and Jungkook, who adore J-Hope, would be waiting for him with hotdogs outside the venue. All I know is people are gonna be very impressed and satisfied with j hope‘s performance and those who will leave before even seeing him dance will be at loss,” another fan wrote. 

A proud Jungkook commented on J-Hope’s photo and said, “J-Hope, let’s go!”

Meanwhile, BTS unveiled the first teaser of their new song, Yet To Come from their album Proof. The anthology album comprises the band’s old hits as well as several new songs, including Run BTS. It will release on June 10, just a few days shy of the group’s debut anniversary. The group also announced that they would perform their album with a ‘special guest’ on the day, leaving fans guessing.

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