Dgca Action: Pilot Of Major Airline Failed In Drug Test, Dgca Removed

A senior DGCA official said on Friday that a pilot of a major airline has been removed from flight duty after failing a drug test. He is the fourth pilot to fail a drug test since the enforcement of the process to screen aviation personnel for the use of psychoactive substances on January 31. This test is done on a random basis to the flight crew and staff associated with ATC.

According to a DGCA official, a pilot of a major airline was drug tested in the national capital in which he failed. After that action was taken to remove him from his duty. After investigation, he was found positive in the confirmatory test report on 23 August.

A helicopter pilot’s license suspended for six months

Along with this, the DGCA has also suspended the license of a helicopter pilot for six months. This action was taken against him in the case of landing a helicopter in the seaside area of ​​Mumbai. According to a senior DGCA official, while landing on the helideck, the helicopter had deflected from the desired flight path.

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