The covid-19 outbreak continues to wreak havoc in Equatorial Guinea, and a new virus has arrived there. The Marburg virus has killed nine people so far, and it poses a greater threat than Covid-19.

There have been a high number of people affected by the Marburg virus discovered in Equatorial Guinea, and its symptoms are similar to those of Ebola. In addition to fever and chest pain, Marburg virus symptoms can be so severe that the patient may die if care is not received in a timely manner.

WHO Warning

A warning and advice were issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) following the discovery of the Marburg Virus. In the impacted districts, advance teams have been dispatched to conduct contact tracing, isolate ill people, and treat and care for those who show signs of illness, according to the WHO statement.

Human Death rates up to 87 percent

After infection, the Marburg virus can have fatalities of up to 88 percent. The Marburg virus spreads rapidly, according to WHO Regional Director Matshidiso Moeti. In order to prevent the spread of the virus, WHO has dispatched health emergency experts, infection control teams, labs, and communication support systems.

Bats transmit the Marburg virus to humans

By directly touching the bodily fluids, surfaces, and materials of infected patients, the Marburg virus spreads from bats to humans, and it can then be transmitted from person to person. It is currently not possible to vaccinate or treat this virus; however, prompt treatment may be able to save the patient’s life.

(The News Input From ANI)

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