Forbes’ Business Standard 1000 Companies List 2022

Forbes magazine ranks companies in order of revenue and product. Companies that appear on this list include Apple, ExxonMobil, and Walmart, but many business-to-business software companies are not included. Here are a few companies that you might not have heard of in this


NVIDIA is leading the way in AI computing

While many people think NVIDIA is a game company, the technology giant has been making AI chips for some time. In fact, the company pivoted from making gaming chips to AI chips in the first place. In fact, NVIDIA’s chief scientist, Bill Dally, was having breakfast with Andrew Ng, who was working on a Google project to find cats on the internet. During this time, the two men began to discuss the potential of AI chips and the possibility of them changing the world.

To make use of these capabilities, NVIDIA developed a supercomputer called DGX SATURN V, which combines 125 of its DGX-1 systems. The system is now the world’s most powerful supercomputer and ranks 28 in the Top500 power rankings. As a result, the company is delivering DGX-1 systems to companies and institutions around the world. In addition to AI computing, NVIDIA is preparing for the Internet of Things, and has announced that its AI technology will cross into the IoT.

With AI and autonomous cars, NVIDIA is also at the forefront of this revolution. The company’s DRIVE architecture lets associate companies develop AI-powered vehicles. DRIVE features four high-performance AI processors that can deliver 320 trillion deep learning operations per second, enabling Level 5 autonomous driving. While NVIDIA’s GPUs are still very advanced, they are able to do much more than just power a car.

The BB8 self-driving vehicle, a prototype vehicle developed by NVIDIA, is a prime example of how NVIDIA is advancing the field of AI. Many automakers are investing in this technology, including Toyota Motor Corp. and Volkswagen. While there is still a long way to go, autonomous operation could be closer than we think. And as more people use AI-powered vehicles, the tech giants will continue to expand their capabilities.

TSMC is the world’s largest semiconductor company

TSMC is the world’s largest manufacturer of semiconductors. Its products are used in almost every electronic product. In fact, the company is so large that it has no competition in the highend market. TSMC has successfully adapted this business model, and has become a highly profitable company. Here are five reasons TSMC is the world’s largest semiconductor company.

Read on to learn more.

TSMC is a global semiconductor company that outsources most of its production to U.S. brands. It commissioned Apple to make the central processing units for the iPhone in 2014, and has plants in China and Singapore. In January, the company sold its light-emitter diode business, which was unprofitable. As competition intensifies, TSMC must find new ways to remain competitive, and Chang will be the mantle of the management team.

TSMC’s new fabrication plant in southern Taiwan, known as a “fab,” will start mass production next year. It will use process technology only TSMC has perfected. Samsung Electronics is currently the world’s largest semiconductor company, but TSMC will soon out-perform its rival in the race to make smaller transistors. TSMC has invested $12 billion in this facility, which will allow it to manufacture iPhones and Androids.

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company has grown to more than 10,000 products and serves nearly 500 clients worldwide. TSMC produces chips for some of the biggest names in the world, including Apple, Intel, and Nvidia. As of the end of February 2019, the company was able to produce chips at five nanometers, the most advanced in the industry. Additionally, the company is the only foundry to use 7-nanometer production technology.

Exxon Mobil

When the business giant announced its plans for a new division in the 1990s, it was hardly a surprise. After all, it already operated 7,711 gas stations in 18 states. However, only half of those were company-owned. The new division handled its exploration operations outside the United States and Canada. It also announced plans to offer franchises. And, with all that in mind, Exxon Mobil should definitely be on the Business Standard 1000 Companies List 2022.

The oil and gas company has been preparing for a leadership change for years, and industry observers had expected Raymond to step down in the middle of the decade. Most experts expected the new CEO to be Rex Tillerson. The executive had joined the company in 1975 and was subsequently appointed executive vice president of Exxon Mobil Development Co. The company oversees drilling and oil and gas development for Exxon Mobil. Upon Raymond’s retirement, the new leadership decided to elect Tillerson to replace him.

The merger of the two oil and gas companies resulted in massive cost savings for the company. In fact, the merger led to $4.6 billion in savings. The savings were used for internal growth and expansion. The company expanded oil production in the 1970s. Exxon Mobil also planned to spend $10 billion annually on exploration in 2001 and through the rest of the decade. With the company’s growth plan, it would be in position to be listed on the Business Standard 1000 Companies List in 2022.

As an added bonus, the company also announced two major oil and gas discoveries in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The company was also the first to drill post-moratorium deep water exploration wells in the Gulf of Mexico. Exxon Mobil also announced the completion of a strategic alliance with XTO Energy Inc. (XTO).

Huntington Bancshares

The announcement that Huntington Bancshares will be included on the Business Standards 1000 Companies List 2022 is not surprising. The financial institution recently raised its prime rate from 3.25 percent to 4 percent. The previous increase in March was from 3.25 percent to 3.75 percent. The company’s 2020 earnings are expected to be even better. Huntington Bancshares’ share price has also increased.

The Fortune 1000 is a ranking of the largest US incorporated and authorized businesses. It is an important list that draws significant reader interest. It includes publicly-traded companies, including Fortune 500 companies. The list excludes private organizations and companies that do not fully report their financial position. Companies on the list report revenue from their core operations and consolidated subsidiaries. Companies in the list are required to report their full financial statements for at least three quarters of their current fiscal year.


Viatris Inc., formerly known as Upjohn, is a global healthcare, scientific, manufacturing and distribution company. The company delivers medicines in over 165 countries. It has a diverse portfolio that spans infectious and non-communicable diseases. The company’s globally recognized brands include biosimilars, generics and a wide range of over-the-counter consumer products.

The company broke down its sales by product segment, which analysts praised for transparency. Its sales from branded drugs declined 8% at constant currency, but its generics and biosimilars unit posted 27% growth. However, this unit only posted sales of $329 million for the year. Viatris is on Business Standard 1000 Companies List 2022 because it will soon launch a biosimilar version of Humira.

Organon and Viatris are both pharmaceutical companies. Organon hasn’t yet separated from Merck, but the company expects to start trading on its own on early June. Viatris didn’t provide any details about its new business, but it recently announced its first full quarter performance.

Revenues for the quarter were $4.4 billion, beating expectations. And it has 40 manufacturing sites across the globe.

While its earnings have been encouraging, the company’s history of negative PR may be a factor in its inclusion on the list. Mylan, a company well-known for its EpiPen, recently received negative PR following a public outcry over its pricing. Eventually, the company cut the price of the drug. Despite the negative publicity surrounding Mylan, Viatris has entered the insulin market.

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