Well-known Haryanvi dancer Komal Chaudhary has rocked the entire social media with her dance at this time. Whenever Komal Chaudhary comes on stage, she creates panic. His dance is very much liked by the people. At this time another dance video of her is going viral. In the video going viral, Komal Chaudhary is seen doing a wonderful dance. We can say with certainty that you have not seen such a serpent dance of Komal Chaudhary before. During the dance, Komal Choudhary is seen wielding knives not only in gestures but also in the hearts of small children.

In this video, she is showing such killer dance moves in a soft yellow kurta that the crowd is becoming uncontrollable. People sitting under the stage start dancing after watching the dance. Haryanvi Dance Video has been released on the channel named AZOOBA. This video of Komal Chaudhary is trending on social media. In Komal Chaudhary is mesmerizing the audience with her tremendous performances.

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