In winter, men can increase the time in intercourse by eating this item.

After some age, people start having sex, but there are some people who begin to have sex at some age and some people start to get their own. You cannot satisfy your partner and this causes problems in your relationship, but you know that this problem is resolved in your home.

Tips For Increase intercourse Time

Corn: Corn should be consumed if you want to make sex life super. As the vitamins are contained in it, the body’s energy levels increase. Which increases the excitement.

Ginger: Ginger is regarded as an aisle. There are benefits to many ailments from consuming it. And some illnesses get worse. Ginger is very helpful in increasing the power of sex. Eating ginger increases the temperature in our bodies. The energy is kept for a long time. Before going to bed to extend sex time, mix a cup of ginger or ginger and mix it with water.

Black Chocolate: Chocolate is the biggest food to increase love between lovers and people like to eat chocolate if they want to refresh the original. There is a chemical substance called cocoa in chocolate that increases the love emotion in humans and increases the stimulation in the body. Eating chocolate together with your partner will increase your intercourse time

Eggs: Eating eggs increases the protein in the body and most eggs are eaten in the winter season. Eggs are a warm food that increases the body heat in the body, which increases the urge to have sex in your body.

Purple: purple contains substances called phytochemicals. Which helps to create a mood. Which helps two lovers have intercourse

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