Janhvi Kapoor Viral Video: You will be shocked to hear this knowledge of Janhvi Kapoor on maths, trolls are getting fiercely on social media

Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor is often in the headlines for one reason or the other. The actress is sometimes seen gathering limelight for her best performance in films and sometimes for her fashion sense and personal life. In this episode, a viral video of Janhvi (Janhvi Kapoor Viral Video) has come in a lot of discussions. Seeing the ‘Mathematics knowledge’ of the actress in this clip, the fans are going to burst into laughter.

These days Janhvi Kapoor is promoting her upcoming film ‘Good Luck Jerry’ in full swing. In this episode, the actress said in her interview, ‘Maths just make you retarded’ means ‘you become retarded by studying maths’. Janhvi’s statement was, ‘I only cared about history and literature, in which I performed really well.’


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Janhvi further told that she did not like math subject at all. The actress said, ‘I do not understand that since the calculator has been invented, till date I have not used Algebra, so why did I break my head for this? At the same time, history and literature make you a civilized person. Maths makes you look like a retard.

This video of Janhvi has become viral on social media as soon as it surfaced. Also, people are seen trolling her on the math knowledge of the actress. One user has commented and wrote, ‘Aryabhatta had invented zero only for people like you.’ Another wrote, ‘What are you saying…seems the connection of mind and tongue has been cut’. Others write, ‘Are these celebs so crazy.’ Similarly, other users have also been seen questioning Janhvi’s knowledge by commenting.

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