Raj Singh is the owner of Ganga Vilas Cruises. This cruise has been built by Antara Luxury River Cruise Company and Raj Singh is the CEO and founder of this company. About this cruise, he told a TV channel that it is completely different from all other cruises and a private company is managing this cruise. Ganga Vilas is being operated by the Island Waterways Authority of India. It comes under the Ministry of Shipping, Port, and Waterways.

Raj Singh, the owner of the company making these luxury cruises, has been doing this business for 15 years and his company has made 9 luxury cruises so far. Raj Singh is also a wildlife expert. He was invited as a speaker in a program where Union Minister Sarbananda Sonowal was also present. In this program, Raj Singh said that we should also promote water tourism and for this, we should run a cruise between Varanasi and Dibrugarh. Union Minister Sarbananda Sonowal liked his idea very much and since then it started.

Raj Singh Owner Of ganga Cruise

Its interior design has been done by Dr. Anipurna Ganmali. This entire cruise has been designed keeping in mind the Indian culture and tradition. Both bright and light colors have been used in this. Made in India and Indian culture has been taken care of the most in decorating this cruise.

All the passengers who came on this cruise got a one-to-one experience. He told that there are many options regarding food and drink here. Continental food will also be served here but all that you are thinking about will not be here, meaning non-veg and alcohol will not be served here. Raj Singh says that the length of this cruise is 62 meters and the cost of preparing it was 68 crores. He also told that if this cruise was designed abroad, its cost would have doubled.

It took three whole years to make Ganga Vilas Cruise. Raj Singh told that it takes about one and a half years to make any cruise, but it took 3 years to prepare Ganga Vilas. The construction of this cruise started in the year 2019. But due to the coronavirus in between, it took a little longer to prepare.

This cruise will pass through West Bengal, Bangladesh, UP, Bihar, and Assam. During this, the cruise journey that will pass through 27 rivers is a part of Indian inland waterways transport. The specialty of this cruise is that it is completely pollution free and has its own STP plant. That means the dirt of this cruise will not go into the river Ganga. Ships have also been deployed for the safety of this cruise, which will protect it.

Whenever international tourists come out somewhere, they look for many facilities, so this cruise has been prepared according to international tourists. It has arrangements for musical nights, concerts, and cultural programs for the entertainment of the passengers. Apart from this, there is a facility with an open garden, gym, spa, and balcony. This cruise will cover a distance of 3200 kilometers in 51 days. This cruise includes all the facilities that will make you feel like a king.

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