In the Indian OTT industry, it has happened only a count of times that the story of the second season surpasses the first season. In May last year i.e. 2021, the first season of ‘Maharani’ came on Sony Liv, which was presented by the director of ‘Jolly LLB’, writer Subhash Kapoor. Now after 14 months, the second season of ‘Maharani’ with 10 episodes came, and the hype was tremendous, because the story of Bihar’s politics in the 90s in a slightly fictional way, but with the basic issues, it was the story of Rani Bharti, which Was illiterate, was domestic, was the wife of the Chief Minister, but was busier with husband, children, and her cows than politics. The place of residence unravels the layers of Bihar’s grain scam and puts her own husband, former Chief Minister Bhima Bharti, behind bars.

The first season was amazing, the story was great, the characters were strong and the direction was great. Now the second season is even better.

Ahead of the trailer, the story of ‘Maharani 2’ starts giving shocks from the very first scene of the very first episode. Rani Bharti, who has replaced the chief minister as a former chief minister, has to appear before the inquiry committee set up to probe the death of her own husband. Martin Ace is heading this inquiry committee. The same Martin ace, who helped Rani Bharti a lot in the investigation of the grain scam. Rani Bharti is accused of killing her husband, former Chief Minister Bhima Bharti. The story goes in flashbacks and then starts from where the first season ended.

Bhima Bharti, a player in politics, is in jail on the orders of his own wife Rani. Rallies are being held from jail, and Rani Bharti’s hold on power is weak. Bhima Bharti is running the government from jail and slogans are being raised – ‘Jail locks broken, Bhima Babu will be released. In the midst of this tussle between husband and wife, Rani Bharti, who runs on two sides between politics, has to teach a lesson to the Bahubali and tainted MLAs, between the rape and murder of Miss Patna in Patna, but Bhima Bharti continues to spoil their intentions. are. As elections are around the corner, Naveen Babu, who has been waiting to become the Chief Minister for 17 years, gets the support of political strategist Kalpana. It is more difficult than Ekkal Munda, who is demanding a separate Jharkhand from Bihar, is also playing his bets in this political mathematics. On the other hand, Kirti Singh is also doing the work of increasing the distance between wife and wife, which has reached the heart through Bhima Bharti’s party. And then just after the election, Bhima Bharti is murdered at Holi’s party. Who has done this murder? The needle of doubt goes to Rani Bharati, walking on behalf of the sannyasi, the brother of Rani Bharati. And the whole game changes.

The story is spread like the problems of Bihar. In which implementation of the Verma Commission, caste-caste, unemployment, and politics over religion are included. This second season of Maharani shows that picture of Bihar, then in the 90s the reality of this state was made and till today it is facing its heat. However, even after spreading the story so much, Subhash Kapoor, Nandan Singh, and Umashankar Singh have not allowed it to disintegrate. Some issues have been shown and omitted, but they were important because this story is about the queen.

This time the command of the direction of Maharani 2 was in the hands of Ravindra Gautam and he has done a great job. The second season has been made more agile and fit than the first season. The cinematography gets a little shaken in the flashbacks, but when the Bihar of the 90s is shown, its characters are shown, and so much is made. The location and the sets are so real that you will get an idea of the helplessness of Bihar.

Now coming to the performance, then ‘Maharani 2’ is one of the best performances of Bilasak Huma Qureshi. It is funny that even for a moment, Huma should be a little detached from her character. Body language, look, and tongue everything is perfect. Sohum Shah has further enhanced his performance in the second season. Huma Qureshi and Soham’s scenes are so spectacular, that it is difficult to find out who is better on whom. Amit Sial has also got a chance to shine as Naveen Kumar. Kaveri, who became the secretary of Rani Bharti, is a great actress, her character has to be seen more. Anuja Sathe, who became Kirti Singh, has brought life to this second season. Experienced artists like Vineet Kumar, and Dibendu Bhattacharya have raised the queen’s graph.

And most importantly, after the climax of the second season, the doors for the third season of the queen have been opened. Also, the director has clearly told that the next season is going to be even more interesting.

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