Malaika Arora on son Arhaan Khan’s reaction to her accident: ‘He was howling, in shock’

Malaika Arora frequently shares photos on social media featuring her son Arhaan Khan. The celebrity recently visited Arhaan in the US, where he is currently pursuing his higher studies. The two seem to share a close bond.

In a recent conversation with ETimes, Malaika revealed the impact her accident had had on her and Arbaaz Khan’s son.

Stating that he was in a state of ‘shock,’ Malaika said that Arhaan refused to believe people’s reassurances about her state of health and wanted to fly to Mumbai immediately upon hearing the unfortunate news. In fact, Arhaan did not settle down until Malaika finally herself spoke to him and placated him. “He had no clue of the extent of damage that I had suffered,” she said.

Malaika said that such a reaction was to be expected from someone who is miles away from his home, adding, “He (Arhaan) was howling on the phone.”

Malaika also opened up about whether Arhaan has any plans to join the movies. The popular TV and film personality said that Arhaan is in the middle of studying cinema right now, and is too young to take that kind of leap, further stating that she is not here to ‘give everything on a platter’ to her son.

On the work front, Malaika Arora mentioned in the same interview that she’s looking forward to content producing, and has been exploring multiple business ideas of late.

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