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Every style of bold and beautiful Mallika Sherawat is special. Mallika Sherawat, who is in the limelight by giving intimate scenes in films, has a domineering attitude in real life. For the past few days, Mallika has remained in the discussion about her statements. The actress is constantly opening the black letters of the industry in front of the world. Now once again Mallika Sherawat has said something which is being discussed a lot.

What did Mallika say on the casting couch?
Mallika Sherawat has now once again made people aware of the dark truth of the industry in her new interview. In the interview, Mallika talked about the casting couch happening in the industry and also told that when she refused to compromise, many projects got out of her hands.

Once upon a time there was a ruckus on Mallika’s condom scene, a debate took place before the intimate scene, when Mallika Sherawat came into the limelight
Mallika Sherawat said- All the A-listers heroes refused to work with me because I was not compromising. He likes actresses who he can control and who can compromise with him. But I am not like that. This is not my personality.

Mallika further said- I cannot run myself according to someone’s wishes. If a hero calls you at 3 o’clock in the night and says – come to my house, then you have to go, if you are part of the circle and do a film with him. If you do not go, then understand that you are out of the film.

When Mallika taunted Deepika for doing intimate scenes
Mallika Sherawat had also targeted Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone some time back. Mallika said that the kind of bold and intimate scenes she had done in her 2004 film Murder, Deepika has done it now and she was also praised. But when Mallika did such scenes, lewd things were spoken for her.

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