Mckinsey And Company Ceo Bob Sternfels Said India Is The Future Talent Factory For The World – Growth

India will lead the world not only in this decade but in the whole century. Bob Sternfels, CEO of McKinsey & Company, noted that companies catering to global supply, working population, and the leap in digital scale, not only this decade, but the whole century belongs to India.

He said India has all the key elements. There are a large number of working people. There are multinational companies catering to the global supply. Apart from this, India has taken a very high leap on the digital front. This is very special not only for the Indian economy but also for the global economy.

Bob said India is the future talent factory for the world. By 2047, the share of Indian skills in the total working population of the world will be 20 percent. He said, India today has huge potential for manufacturing in all aspects. The country is doing much better in other areas including service.

Will double the number of Indians in the company

The McKinsey CEO said India has great potential. That’s why the company has made a special plan for India. McKinsey’s board will visit India in December this year. He said, at present, there are 5 thousand people from India in the company. He wants to double it to 10,000.

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