In a major transfer move, Mohun Bagan Super Giant have agreed to swap Pritam Kotal with Kerala Blasters’ Sahal Abdul Samad. The deal, which is reportedly worth around ₹3.25 crores, will see Kotal join Kerala Blasters on a three-year contract, while Samad will move to Mohun Bagan on a five-year deal.

Kotal, who has been with Mohun Bagan since 2017, is one of the most experienced defenders in the Indian Super League (ISL). He has made over 100 appearances for the club, and was named captain in 2021. Samad, on the other hand, is a young midfielder who has been with Kerala Blasters since 2017. He has made over 90 appearances for the club, and is known for his creativity and dribbling skills.

The swap deal is a major coup for both clubs. Mohun Bagan have strengthened their defense with the addition of Kotal, while Kerala Blasters have added a creative spark to their midfield with Samad. The deal is also a sign of the growing financial muscle of ISL clubs.

Kotal’s Departure a Blow to Mohun Bagan

Kotal’s departure is a blow to Mohun Bagan, who were hoping to challenge for the ISL title this season. The defender was a key part of the team’s defense last season, and his absence will be felt. However, Mohun Bagan have signed a number of quality players in the transfer window, including David Williams, Manvir Singh, and Akash Mishra. These signings should help to offset the loss of Kotal.

Sahal’s Arrival a Boost for Kerala Blasters

Sahal’s arrival is a boost for Kerala Blasters, who have been struggling in recent seasons. The midfielder is a talented player with a lot of potential, and he could be the key to turning the club’s fortunes around. Kerala Blasters have also signed a number of other quality players in the transfer window, including Adrian Luna, Alvaro Vazquez, and Jorge Diaz. These signings, combined with the arrival of Samad, should make Kerala Blasters a more competitive team in the upcoming season.

The Swap Deal a Sign of the Growing Financial Muscle of ISL Clubs

The swap deal between Mohun Bagan and Kerala Blasters is a sign of the growing financial muscle of ISL clubs. Both clubs are willing to spend big money to sign quality players, and this is only going to get more competitive in the years to come. The ISL is now one of the most popular football leagues in Asia, and it is only going to continue to grow in popularity in the years to come.

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What Does the Future Hold for Kotal and Samad?

It will be interesting to see how Kotal and Samad perform in their new clubs. Kotal will be looking to help Mohun Bagan challenge for the ISL title, while Samad will be hoping to help Kerala Blasters return to the top of the table. Both players have the potential to be stars in the ISL, and it will be exciting to see how they perform in the upcoming season.

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