Musk-Jennifer Pics: Ex-girlfriend Decided To Auction Her Pictures With Musk

An ex-girlfriend of Elon Musk, the world’s richest man and CEO of companies such as Tesla and SpaceX, has decided to auction his photographs with Musk to meet the cost of his son’s education.

In the pictures that have been put up for auction, Musk is seen having fun on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania during his college days when he was just 20-21 years old. The name of Alan’s ex-girlfriend is Jennifer Gwynne.

According to Gwyney, she currently lives in South Carolina with her stepson and she is auctioning these photos to raise money for her son’s tuition fee. Currently, Gwynnie is 48 years old.

Sharing a picture of 23-year-old Musk while studying at the University of Pennsylvania, Gwynnie said that in those days Musk was very reserved, but sometimes he used to behave very childishly, asking me to laugh with him. That’s why I prepared a document of his pictures with a smile.

Elon Musk and Jennifer Gwen dated during the 1994–95 semester. Gwen has said that they had a great romance but not much intimacy as Musk was opposed to it most of the time.

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