Never watch these films of Rekha with family, know why have not been released?

Rekha is very famous in the Bollywood industry and she has made her mark among the people with her strong acting in many films. People have liked Rekha’s acting very much.

But in the declining phase of his career, he also worked in such a film, seeing which the public started calling him bad. Let’s know about that film, you cannot sit and watch it with your family. The name of this film by Bollywood’s famous actress Rekha is ‘Kamasutra’. From the story of the film to most of the scenes given in it, it is quite bold and provocative. That’s why you can’t watch this film with your family at all.

Making such a film in the 90s in the Bollywood industry was not free from any danger. This film faced a lot of criticism after its release and Rekha was also trolled. Perhaps that is why this film was not released on a large scale in India. In this film, Indira Verma played the role of Maya and Sarita Chaudhary played the role of Princess Tara. Rekha, Avijit Dutt, Aman Tilak Ram, Harish Patel and Zoya Akhtar were in the lead roles in this film.

The film is similar to the story of author Wajida Tabassum, Uttaran. This was Rekha’s first English film. Such speculations were being made about this film that Rekha must have given some bold scenes in this film. If the Indian authorities come to know the real name of this film, then they will never allow the shooting of this film to be completed.

A lot of bold scenes were given in this film, so it was successful in terms of earnings. But it was highly appreciated by the film critics. The film was shown at many international festivals. But there was a lot of uproar about the bold scene of this film. In this film, Rekha played the role of Ras Devi who is a teacher of Kamasutra.

Many people also raised questions on how to accept such a role in a big actress like Rekha. But he was also praised for gathering the courage to play this role.

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