‘Pleased To Inform’ Promoter Has Died, This Company Says In Exchange Filing

A Rajasthan-based company has made a major linguistic mistake during its corporate filing. Now, this mistake is going viral on social media. In fact, this company has written during its corporate filing that “We are pleased to inform you that the promoter of our company has passed away.” Now the letter written by the company secretary is viral on social media, and people enjoy this mistake.

This letter was sent to the Bombay Stock Exchange on August 25 on behalf of a textile company named AK Spintex. According to media reports, the company has written in a letter to the stock exchange, ‘We are pleased to inform that the promoter of our company, Mrs. Saroj Devi Chhabra, who held 4,41,000 shares (8.76%) shares in the company, is now are not in this world.’ It is further written in the letter that you are requested to kindly take on record the above information of the company for your reference and further needs.

The letter is signed by the company’s company secretary and compliance officer Ashish Bagrecha. As soon as this letter was shared on social media, many people started trolling it and questioning the habit of writing without thinking about using templates.

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