Rakhi Sawant was seen picking up garbage on the roadside

Mumbai – In these videos, she is standing with a shovel in her hand and preparing to pick up the garbage lying on the roadside. Rakhi looked very upset with the trash scattered on the road outside her gym.

Rakhi decided to clean it herself and was seen walking with a shovel. He asked some people standing there about the BMC workers and said, ‘Why didn’t the BMC workers clean the road? Are they having a party?’

Rakhi Sawant is seen showing the garbage lying on the roadside. Then she calls a security guard and explains that due to such debris lying, there will be mud, and then there will be dengue malaria.

Mosquitoes will come and bite, and they will not see whether it is rich or poor. Who will be sick? Why didn’t these BMC people pick it up and take it away? Are BMC people celebrating the party with a car?

These videos of Rakhi Sawant’s cleaning are also becoming increasingly viral on social media. In a viral video, Rakhi says, “Friends raising their hands, one alone will get tired, picking up garbage together.

Friends, I came to the gym today. And I have seen that the government built such beautiful roads, the government says that good lamps have come. But look here, what a good day.”

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