Sakshi Chopra is the great-granddaughter of Ramanand Sagar, as you know, Ramanand Sagar produced TV’s most famous religious serial “Ramayana”. People liked the characters of this Ramayana. Even today people like to watch his Ramayana. Because every character in his Ramayana did a very good job.

Sakshi got a photoshoot done on this Diwali occasion but she did not wear any traditional dress, but Sakshi is wearing Santa’s dress and for this reason, people are trying to troll her after seeing this photoshoot. Some fans are constantly commenting on their photos, a comment has been seen in their comment box, in which the user has written that today is not Christmas, it is Diwali, and today you should have dressed like this on the festival of Diwali. Due to this look, she has become a victim of trolling.

Ramanand’s great-granddaughter Sakshi, due to her boldness, remains the subject of discussion of people every day, because she keeps sharing her bold photos with her fans on social media, saying that she has got a photoshoot done on the occasion of Diwali. Now let’s talk about Sakshi’s new photo shoot.

Sakshi remains in the headlines due to her boldness. Seeing their bold photos, people go crazy and it becomes very difficult for people to take their eyes off them, Sakshi had shared bold photos of a black color dress with her fans before Santa’s dress. Recently Sakshi celebrated her birthday and she turned 25 this birthday.

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