Saree Industry Exceeds One Lakh Crore Rupees Share Of North India Is Only 15000 Crores

The sari business in the country has crossed one lakh crore. However, in terms of population, the share of North India, the largest region, is only 15,000 crores. According to a report, 37 crore Indian women who are above 25 years of age spend an average of Rs 3,500 to 4,000 annually on buying sarees.

The sari industry works with a focus on women above the age of 25, it is estimated that by the year 2031, the number of these women can be 455 million and by 2036, 49 million. According to a report by Technopark, the saree business in North India is expected to grow at a rate of 6 per cent annually between FY 2020 and 2025.

Banarasi saree is more famous: Banarasi saree is the most famous in the country. After this comes the name of Kota of Rajasthan. Chanderi of Madhya Pradesh started in the 13th century.

41% share in weddings and festive season

41 per cent of the sales of sarees take place during the festive and wedding season. That is, sarees worth Rs 23,200 crore have been sold during this period. In view of this, Reliance Retail, Tata Group and Birla Group are present in this sector through different brands. In the coming time, the companies are planning for more expansion.

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