Sebi Chairperson Says Every Single Policy It Brings Out Is Data-backed

Madhabi Puri Buch, chairperson of SEBI, the regulatory body of the stock market, has said that every single policy of hers is based on accurate data. He has said that we trust the data and that is where it shows us the way. In today’s time, every policy brought by SEBI is based on statistics. Butch said these things during the 19th Capital Market Conference CAPAM 2022 organized by the industry body FICCI on Tuesday.

In his address, the SEBI chief highlighted his role in facilitating capital formation and said that nation building is done by corporates and businesses together. Butch also said that the regulatory body has been fully appreciating the opportunities available in India. He said that it is through technology that the country can achieve its goal.

Speaking about the need for more transparency, Butch said that at SEBI we follow a disclosure based regime. This is our fundamental regulatory approach. We believe that we exist to build capital in the economy. Unless we preserve our faith in the system, we will not succeed in our original objective. One of the most important aspects of trust building is transparency. This is the most important mantra for SEBI.

Speaking during the event, he reaffirmed his commitment to the process of consultation with the industry, emphasizing on the need to keep pace with SEBI regulations.

During the event, the Chairman, SEBI launched FICCI’s ‘RegTech’ initiative in partnership with TeamLease RegTech to facilitate end-to-end automation of all SEBI compliances. It will digitize and make it easier for companies to comply with the law.

This initiative is a state-of-the-art technology solution designed to transform compliance across organizations. It will facilitate auto-generation of selected SEBI disclosures along with tracking of over 2,000 SEBI compliances.

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