Shama Sikander was the victim of Oops moment

Shama Sikander Video: Known for her hotness and great figure, videos of Shama Sikander often go viral on social media. Recently one of his videos is becoming very viral. who is very hot

Shama Sikander New Viral Video: Shama Sikander, is a name in the entertainment industry that is fast making a home in the hearts of the youth. Shama Sikander is very active on social media, she loves making reels. That is why she keeps entertaining her fans and fans from time to time. Shama Sikander’s fans love her hot and glamorous avatar. He has 2.9 million followers on Instagram.

Shama Sikander created a sensation on the internet when she shared a reel. In this reel, she is wearing a pink color deep neck gown. Her gown was very revealing. Due to this, she has become a victim of oops moments many times in the video. Although this video of him is quite old, his fans are still liking and sharing this video very much.

Shama Sikander is also known for her perfect figure, girls do various things to get a figure like hers. In this video, Shama flaunted her same figure well. You also see his best videos.

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