South China Sea Conflict 90% Of Australia’s Fuel Imports At Risk Due To Dispute, Report Revealed

Australia needs to be prepared to meet its needs amidst China’s heated argument over Taiwan and the ongoing conflict in the South China Sea.

With its growing navy and air force in the South China Sea, China is also building its bases on a large scale across the region. By doing so, China is able to disrupt shipping lanes vital to Australia’s exports and imports.

This has been revealed in the report released by a team of experts. The team included Curtis University Professor Richard Olorantoba and RMIT University Bui Cam, Matthew Warren, Chhetri Win Thai and Hong Onh Nguyen of the University of Tasmania.

This team of experts has told in its report that due to the ongoing tension in the South China Sea, Australia’s fuel imports could be affected by up to 90%. He has said that this is because two local refineries have closed during the last few decades.

The team says that we export crude oil but we have to import 90% of the refined fuel.

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