Spicejet Sends 80 Pilots On 3-month Leave Without Pay News And Updates

Airline company SpiceJet said on Tuesday that it has sent 80 of its pilots on leave without pay for three months. On behalf of the company, it was said that this temporary step has been taken to justify the expenses coming in aviation operations.

SpiceJet said that this move is in line with its policy, which does not lay off pilots. The airline operated under this policy even during the difficult times of the coronavirus pandemic. But under this policy, the number of pilots is fixed only under the fleet of the aircraft.

The pilots who have been sent on leave without pay are said to belong to the airline company’s Boeing and Bombardian fleets. On SpiceJet’s move, a pilot said, “We had an idea of ​​the airline’s financial crisis, but we are all shocked by this sudden decision. After three months, many things will be unclear about the company’s financial position. There is no promise whether those who have been sent on forced leave now will be called back or not.”

A former SpiceJet employee said foreign pilots were sacked due to the pandemic, while crew members have been sent on leave without pay more than once since 2020. Apart from this, the salary of the employees has also been cut. Meanwhile, SpiceJet said in a statement that it has added over 30 aircraft to its fleet in 2019 after the induction of 737 MAX aircraft.

The airline has continued to recruit pilots in the hope that Max planes will be back in operation soon. But for a long time Max aircraft have been standing, due to this now the number of pilots has increased. The statement said that Max aircraft will soon rejoin the fleet. Along with this, the pilots will be called to work again.

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