Sussanne Khan was seen in a romantic mood with Arslan Goni, the video went viral

Discussion of Bollywood The dazzling way of life of the stars there fascinates everyone, as well as their world, is very different from the world of common people, common man can think of such a life only in dreams because Bollywood is such a path on which they were successful. So a luxurious life and deep darkness on failure, in this darkness, when the stars leave their spouses behind and go ahead due to small disputes. And there comes someone else’s name in life while the general public is hardly able to take such a decision.

According to sources, Sussanne Khan and Arslan Goni have just returned from a trip to California, in the video that Sussanne has shared on her Insta, she is seen passing time with her life partner, it is worth mentioning that Sussanne Khan Hrithik Roshan Ki is an ex-wife and she is also an interior designer, although Suzanne and Arslan have a lot of discussions around and many times they were also seen very close but till date, they have not accepted their relationship in front of everyone. If both are together, then their relationship appears very deep and strong. In the video that Suzanne shared on her social media, both of them are seen enjoying the vacation a lot.

Sussanne Khan califonia
Sussanne Khan

The two have returned to Mumbai after their long vacation and have shared a montage video on social media and thanked California for “giving you the best summer ever”, Sussanne wrote some really cool captions on the video and pictures. It has been said that – I do not know what you were told, but time is running out, so spend it beautifully! Many thanks to California! Along with this, he also used heart and evil eye emojis.

Arslan commented on this post foot emoji of Sussanne “Beyond Preity Zinta who was in California. The actress wrote that “I was already missing you guys” Ekta Kapoor also wrote a comment on this post

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