Telegram Big Scam: Telegram channel people loot people’s money, know-how

Know about Telegram scam, you should avoid becoming a victim of scam

Today, how many apps are used by people on social media for their entertainment, some of which are useful for daily use. like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram In today’s world, people spend more time on social media, which is why big companies spend money on advertising and promotion of their products. When this social media comes into bad use, it harms people. And today there are some people who cheat people on social media and loot people.

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Today most people become victims of telegram scams. Telegram scams are of many types, if you have become a victim of a scam, then you need to know how people loot from social media.

Telegram Trading Channel Scam

Today people invest their hard-earned money in the stock market and make a profit from it. But there are many people who tempt you and mislead you and many people fall victim to that deception. Most of them fall prey to scams in Telegram and lose their money. Let’s know how those people make people their victims

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Telegram Batting Channel scam

In today’s world, most fraud happens in betting In which people lose all their money in the temptation of doubling their money. Batting is something like a kind of addiction, the habit which leads you down a very bad path and ends up ruining you.

In today’s social world there are some legal platforms like dream 11 and some illegal ones like Mostbet, and 1xbet people lose their money on these illegal platforms. There are many scammers in the virtual world who claim to owe betting tips on illegal betting platforms.

People are often seen in most of the telegrams giving these wrong batting tips And know how the wrong people are looting

Telegram Movie Piracy scam

People like to watch movies for entertainment and whenever a new movie comes out, people like to watch that movie in theatres. But not all people are those who watch movies in cinema halls, some people are those who want to watch movies only for free.

People who want to watch movies for free go to movie streaming websites through Google and download movies but some people go to Telegram to download movies. When a new user goes to watch a movie on Telegram, some Telegram movie pricy scammers have already created a channel with the name of that movie.

But when people go to that channel, a new channel link is given for movie download, on clicking the link, the user goes to some new channel. And that channel does not have any movie content, there are most betting and dating channels.

Carding Froud Telegram Scam

Nowadays people prefer to shop online rather than offline some famous websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and other major websites are available on the internet only for shopping.

But when this thing is misused, people suffer a lot if the Zomato data leak case did not come into the news some time ago Due to this, people’s bank accounts are threatened.

Those who do all this steal the bank card details of the people and do the work of Carding. Know how these people work and why they rob people

Aviator Game scam

Aviator is a Batting game In which there is a plan which flies, and the amount of money you have bet on it becomes multiple. But as soon as the plan is bad before you have to withdraw that payment, its rules are like this otherwise your money will be lost

But this game’s name scam is becoming very viral In which people are told that they will be told 10 to 15 seconds before the bet till where the next bet will go when the plan Crash. Let us know how the scam of the Aviator game is increasing and how people are made Victims.

Source: Gove News Verified Scam
  1. Do telegram people scan with their users?

    NO, but Some such people create their own channels in Telegram and do scams with people.

  2. how to avoid a telegram scam?

    You should never go to any Telegram channel and give money to anyone in greed.

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