The Walking Dead has again become a hot topic of discussion since the release of Season 11. Everyone is now talking about the series and its characters, especially after the Commonwealth gave Alexandria a complete renovation. However, The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 21 came out this Sunday and ended at quite an interesting part. The last episode was nothing but only a shock for the audience, raising several questions in the viewers’ minds. 

Episode 21 of The Walking Dead series reveals some shocking facts about Alexandria. Earlier, when the place was untouched by the outsiders is now a commonwealth territory aka “Outpost 22”. When Lance Hornsby raised his flags and took over the area, it meant a complete end for the survivors. But then Pamela Milton enters the story and makes it back to Alexandria, giving some hope to the viewers. 

However, viewers have also gotten confused after what just happened in Alexandria in Episode 21. Ezekiel, Carrie, Negan, and other people are either under the prison camp or following the train and trying to rescue Connie. Daryl, Carol, Maggie, Gabriel, and Rosita are trying their best to take out Connie and other survivors quickly and safely and return to their hideouts. 

Meanwhile, Commontroopers are on high-alert and willing to do everything it takes to not lose the children. Now, this raises an interesting dilemma for Daryl, Carol, and others about whether to attack the soldiers or not. If they make any wrong move or get noticed by the Commontroopers, they might lose the children. 

The Walking Dead Season 11 is standing on the edge where making any guess of the story isn’t going to help us. People have now set their eyes on the next remaining three episodes. The whole train/ Connie situation has shaken the story apart and left the fans with lots of concerning questions. Now, it would be interesting to see what twists and turns the story takes when Daryl and his team members make their first move. Whether they would be able to save the children and Connie and others or they will lose them. 

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