Urfi Javed broke all limits five times, people’s eyes were torn after seeing clothes

Urfi Javed Photos: Urfi Javed remains in the news every day. Due to her unique fashion, she attracts the attention of people. Recently she created a sensation with her cutout outfits. I don’t know where the cut was in the blue-colored Urfi dress. Seeing this, people’s heads were stunned.

The previous day, Urfi wore a dress cut below the collar and made many headlines. Urfi wore a short skirt, and her designer made this dress completely different. Seeing this form of Urfi Javed, traffic started piling up on the streets of Mumbai, and people started admiring him.

Urfi seems to have made her own clothes by cutting two pants in this outfit. The top was made by cutting one pant, and the other was cut and made into a skirt. Seeing this look of Urfi, people beat their heads.

Urfi wrapped cloth on a big bangle in this outfit and gave it a bra style. However, if you look carefully, you will know that Urfi is wearing a bra made of gloves.

The sack is used for washing things like this. But only Urfi can do the work of making this outfit. She made a top and a mini skirt out of the sack. But, like every time, this time too, she got trolled about this outfit.

Urfi shared a video on social media recently. In this video, she is first seen with a blue wire. But within a few seconds, he also made a dress of the same wire. Visiting his outfit, people beat their heads.

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