Why did Chahat Khanna take Urfi Javed’s class? Said – it was difficult to bear this nonsense

Bigg Boss OTT fame actress Urfi Javed remains in the headlines for her outfits. Recently, when Urfi came out in her yellow dupatta outfit, actress Chahat Khanna targeted her. Chahat Khanna commented about Urfi’s outfit, ‘Who wears all this? And that too on the streets?

What did Chahat Khanna say on Urfi’s post?
Now Chahat Khanna has answered why he surrounded Urfi Javed on social media. After Urfi commented on his personal life, Chahat Khanna once again wrote on social media, ‘I do not want to be a part of this gimmick. But it is important for my followers to know that some people say anything and some even bark.

Chahat said – it was out of tolerance
After Urfi Javed was recently admitted to the hospital, when Urfi Javed was contacted, know what he said. According to a report in TOI, Chahat Khanna said, ‘Actually nothing happened, just for months it became very difficult for me to bear this nonsense going on social media. So I just gave my say and he came to his level and answered it.

Chahat gave this answer to Urfi Javed
Let us tell that after Urfi Javed targeted Chahat’s personal life, Chahat Khanna wrote on social media that those who know him know that he worked hard and hard to get the lifestyle he has today. Is. Responding to Urfi Javed, Chahat Khanna said that before speaking anything, please check his records.

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