Blind Movie Review: Sonam Kapoor is back with her OTT debut, Blind, and she is giving us a tremendous performance. The film is a crime thriller about a visually impaired woman who helps the police nab a dreaded criminal.

Sonam Kapoor plays Gia Singh, a former police officer who loses her eyesight in a car accident. After the accident, Gia is forced to give up her job and move back in with her parents. However, she is determined to not let her blindness define her, and she soon starts to investigate a series of murders that are happening in her city.

Gia’s investigation leads her to a group of people who are blind or visually impaired. These people have been targeted by a serial killer who is preying on their vulnerability. Gia must use all of her senses to track down the killer and bring him to justice.

Sonam Kapoor gives a powerful performance in Blind. She is convincing as a blind woman, and she brings a lot of depth and emotion to the role. The film is not an easy watch, but Kapoor’s performance makes it worth it.

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The supporting cast is also very good. Purab Kohli is particularly effective as the serial killer. He is both menacing and sympathetic, and he makes the character very believable.

Blind is a well-made crime thriller with a strong central performance from Sonam Kapoor. The film is not without its flaws, but it is ultimately an engaging and suspenseful watch.

Overall, Blind is a good film with a few flaws. Sonam Kapoor gives a powerful performance, and the supporting cast is also very good. The film is suspenseful and engaging, and the cinematography is beautiful. However, the pacing of the film is a bit slow at times, and the ending is a bit predictable.

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