Phone theft is not a big deal. Anyone’s phone can be stolen at any time. But there is a fear that your data may be misused. Now it is not necessary to find the lost phone. In such a situation, you should do 3 things that should not harm you.

Sim card block

If you lose your phone, first of all, block the SIM card. With this, no one will be able to misuse your number.

Phone block

CEIR is an official website of the Department of Telecommunications, in which users can block or unblock stolen phones by giving their phone details. For this, you have to visit website.

In this, apart from the FIR copy, you will have to give the details of some documents like the bill received while buying the phone, and the police complaint number.

Remotely delete data

If you have an Android phone, then you can log in to with the Google account with which the phone was logged in. After that delete all the data.

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