Rajiv Sen and Charu Asopa got married in 2019 and started a new chapter of life but the relationship between Charu and Rajiv did not go as expected. The couple’s marriage was about to break up when they gave their marriage a second chance, but it didn’t work out. Here’s a shocking update for Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa fans.

Charu Asopa has shared many things about her marriage. Charu says, ‘Nobody wants to end a marriage deliberately, I also don’t want to regret my decision. This is my second marriage and I tried my best to save the marriage but I am the joke in all this. I think we are not made for each other. This marriage will never last

Talking about the marriage not working, Charu says that after the marriage, we are having constant fights. Rajeev disappears for months after the fight. He left me for 3 months even before the lockdown. He is 45 years old and I don’t think I can replace him. There are many problems between us but I felt that I should give it a try for my daughter Jiana so that I don’t regret it later.

At the same time, Charu says that it is in Rajiv’s nature to abuse and beat. During the shoot of Akbar-Birbal, he would ask my co-stars to stay away from me, making it difficult for me to work. We have tried to look at many other such small things but there is no solution to these problems so now separation seems to be the only solution.

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