Nowadays most of the people have mobile phones. Once people used cheap phones but nowadays most people use expensive smartphones. Some people use two or three phones instead of one phone.

While walking around the market with expensive smartphones, many times they get lost or stolen. Recovering such lost or stolen smartphones is very difficult. In most cases, the smartphone is not recovered. But now due to the advancement of technology, some lost or stolen smartphones can be recovered.

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On the other hand, a new initiative has been taken by the central government so that lost or stolen smartphones can be found very easily. The new initiative of the central government can help you find your lost phone with just one click. Let’s see what that initiative is.

On behalf of the Union Government, Union Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnab launched a portal called ‘Sanchar Sathi’ to solve theft of people’s phones and phone data. The service of this new portal will start on May 17. From that day common people will start getting services through this portal. Finding lost smartphones through this portal will be handled by top level staff. Also through this portal customers can also know how many connections they have taken based on their documents.

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The new website will work much like Apple’s Find My Phone feature. Through this new website, you can easily know where the Android phone is and when and how it is being used. This new website of central government will solve many problems of smartphone users.

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