Hello friends, how many hours a day do you keep Earphones in your ears? Do you spend most of your time with earphones in your ears? Do you know how harmful it is for your ears. Today we will tell you in detail about what is the harm.


Using earphones for a long time leads to high frequency exposure. This may cause hearing problems.

Many people share their earphones with other people. Due to this, the infection can spread from one person to another.

Many times earphones are not designed according to our ears. Because of this, discomfort and pain starts in our ear.

Due to the earphones, any wax that forms inside the ear remains inside and doesn’t come out. This can lead to various wax-related issues.


If you have this type of problem, the first preventive measure is to use your earphones less frequently. The less you use your earphones, the better it is for your ears and overall your health.

If you need to use earphones, keep the sound level below 60%.

Additionally, never share your earphones with others. If you need to use earphones for an extended period, take occasional breaks. Take off your earphones and rest your ears for a while.

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The most important thing to keep in mind when buying earphones. Just choose the ones that fit snugly in your ears. This will prevent any discomfort or pain and keep your ears healthy while using earphones.

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