Technology is meant to simplify our lives, but sometimes new innovations complicate things. Bluetooth tracking devices, like Apple’s air tags, are a recent example. They are being used by many people to stalk others, but it seems we will soon have an effective solution. Here is more:

Bluetooth tracking devices are meant to find things that have a tendency to get misplaced or lost. But sadly, people in several countries have reported the misuse of air tags. These devices are being used by many people to spy on others. Many users have been found to be using them for other criminal or malicious purposes.

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Privacy experts and law enforcement have raised concerns. It seems tech firms now have a plan to address this problem. Google and Apple have come together to curb unwanted tracking of people by Bluetooth devices.

The two companies have submitted a proposal to set new industry standards for combating secret surveillance on Apple’s air tag trackers and other similar gadgets.

The document lists a number of best practices for creators of Bluetooth tracking devices. The ultimate goal here is that users should be alerted in the event of suspected unwanted tracking. This will help prevent the misuse of location trackers that put users at risk for stalking, harassment, and theft. The concept also has the backing of Samsung, which sells the most Android smartphones worldwide, and other companies that create Bluetooth trackers.

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These tech firms basically aim to combat the safety risks associated with their tags and other Bluetooth-enabled tracking devices.

Apple and Google hope to have a plan in place by the end of this year to prevent stealth tracking. The solution would be distributed through software updates to iPhones and Android phones.

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Experts believe the new industry standard will help protect survivors of abusive relationships and other people who’ve been targets of stealth technology.

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