You all know how the debacle started with The Kerala Story movie.  Ever since the teaser of The Kerala Story movie was released, people have tried a lot to ban this movie. But after facing so many controversies, the movie was finally released.

The Kerala Story movie was finally released on the big screen on 5th May, and this movie took an opening of 8 crores on its very first day. Also Read: These blockbuster films of Bollywood were released on OTT, know the names of those films

There was so much discussion about the film that the director of the film Sudipto Sen could not remain silent.  He gave his opinion on this film.  In fact, people had reached the Supreme Court to stop the release of this film and had submitted a petition in the court so that this film should be banned.

Before the release, when there was a lot of controversy about the film, the director and the makers of the film had requested the people to see the movie first and only then show their reaction.  Now that the movie has been released, people in the theatres have praised the movie a lot after watching it.  The Kerala Story movie got an opening of Rs 8 crore on its very first day.

Sudipta Sen had already said why people are associating The Kerala Story movie with a movie like The Kashmir File.  The Kashmir Files movie and The Kerala Story movie both are different categories of movies.

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Director Sudipto Sen says that he researched the story of this movie for 7 years.  He further said that while researching about the incident of this film, a complete document has been prepared with him.

It has been told in The Kerala Story that 32 thousand Indian women are trapped in the clutches of ISIS and they have been lured from India and sent to Iraq and Syria.

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