KKR vs CSK IPL 2023: The Yellow Jersey Stunner at Eden. And nothing escaped Dhoni’s attention, including the shouts of ‘Mahi Mahi’. KKR got less support at home for one man – none other than Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He himself realized it well. After the match, KKR’s owner himself said that he is a fan of Dhoni.

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From midday till midnight, cricketing paradise continued on Sunday at Mahi Magic. The one who says, ‘Sirf naam hi kafi hai’… So is MS Dhoni. Just hearing Mahi’s name sends a wave of emotions. Fans wearing Chennai Super Kings jerseys were all over Eden on Sunday. There was only one name on their lips – ‘Dhoni… Dhoni..’.

If KKR vs CSK had been played by any other team instead of KKR, very few KKR fans would have turned up. All in all, Sunday’s Eden Square made it clear that it was a home match for KKR in the 16th IPL (IPL 2023), or Chennai. Because the yellow jersey was everywhere. Not that KKR fans weren’t there, but they were overshadowed by the supporters of Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Chennai Super Kings.

KKR vs CSK IPL 2023 Comments

One of the owner of KKR, Bollywood star Juhi Chawla, was pleased to see such a large number of people come to support Dhoni and KKR. Let’s find out what else she said.

After the match, KKR co-owner Juhi Chawla said, “I expected us to win today, but CSK played very well today. That’s why there was such a big run ahead, which definitely put us under pressure. We enjoyed the match very much.”

Later that night, Juhi also said, “I myself am a fan of Dhoni. He is a great player. As captain, he motivates each player and the whole team. Congratulations to him for this win. Watching him play as a captain is also an achievement. So many people supporting Chennai Super Kings, it looks like we are in Chennai. The way Chennai won, we will also want to win the next match.”

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Incidentally, after defeating KKR, Dhoni, the leader of Chennai, said, “Thank you for so much support. A lot of supporters have come here. It feels like playing at home. But I am sure the next match KKR plays here, the gallery will support KKR.”

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