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Meta Verified Launches in India: Meta has launched its Meta Verified subscription service in India. The service allows users to verify their accounts with a government ID, receive a blue badge, and get extra impersonation protection against accounts claiming to be them. Meta Verified is currently in beta and is only available to a limited number of users.

How to Get Meta Verified

To get Meta Verified, users must first sign up for the waitlist. Once they are on the waitlist, they will be notified when they are eligible to subscribe. To subscribe, users must provide their government ID and pay a monthly subscription fee. The subscription fee is ₹699 per month for iOS and Android users, and ₹599 per month for web users.

Benefits of Meta Verified

Meta Verified offers a number of benefits to users, including:

  • A verified badge: The verified badge is a blue badge that appears next to a user’s name on Facebook and Instagram. The badge helps to distinguish verified users from unverified users.
  • Extra impersonation protection: Meta Verified users receive extra impersonation protection from Meta. This means that Meta will take steps to remove any accounts that impersonate Meta Verified users.
  • Direct access to customer support: Meta Verified users have direct access to Meta customer support. This means that they can get help with any problems they have with their accounts.

Is Meta Verified Worth It?

Whether or not Meta Verified is worth it depends on the individual user. For users who are concerned about impersonation and who want direct access to customer support, Meta Verified may be a valuable service. However, for users who are not concerned about these issues, Meta Verified may not be worth the cost.

Twitter Reaction

The launch of Meta Verified has been met with mixed reactions on Twitter. Some users have praised the service, while others have criticized it.

  • “I’m so glad that Meta is finally offering a way to verify accounts. This will help to reduce impersonation and make the platform more secure.” – @unknownuser1
  • “I don’t think Meta Verified is worth the cost. I don’t need a verified badge or extra impersonation protection.” – @unknownuser2

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Overall, the launch of Meta Verified is a significant development for the social media platform. It remains to be seen whether the service will be successful in India.

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