We all know that WhatsApp is one of the popular social media platform owned by Meta. Whatsapp is an instant messaging application. Recently WhatsApp has introduced three new features. What are those features, we are going to give in this information. Let me tell you that like every time, this time also it was started in beta version to check these features. All the three features of WhatsApp will be launched on the iOS beta version, so the user will need the iOS 16 version to experience these features.

These are the 3 Features of WhatsApp

1) The first feature is the WhatsApp Chat Lock feature. This feature will be used to keep the user’s phone safe. Even if your phone is in the hands of some other person, your every chat will be safe. You can keep some of your special or personal chats locked. WhatsApp officials are going to launch this feature mainly because of the safety and security of the users.

2) Second features is to share whatsapp status on facebook. Suppose you have given some status on WhatsApp, then you can directly share that status on your Facebook. Note that this feature will be available only for Instagram and Facebook. That is, you can share your WhatsApp status only on these two platforms.

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3) This third feature is a very shining feature. Through this feature, you will be able to find out the voice message sent by your friend without playing it. This new feature has been named the Voice Transcription feature. As a result, the user can listen to this sent voice message without using earphones and without turning on voice messaging.

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