Shilpi raj MMS Viral: Popular Japuri industry singer Shilpi Raj’s MMS has been leaked, due to which she is in the limelight. Her private video with her alleged boyfriend is going viral on social media. In the video, Shilpi is seen in an objectionable state. In such a situation, the trouble for the singer increased a lot

Surprisingly, this video was not made by Shilpi or her boyfriend but by someone else. In the video, Shilpi and her boyfriend are in a compromising position and a boy is shooting them. Shilpi’s face is clearly visible in the video, while her alleged boyfriend, who is having an affair with her, has her face partially covered.

The boy with whom the singer’s video is going viral is said to be Vijay Chauhan and the two have been in a relationship for some time now. Before the singer could do anything about it, his video was uploaded on many sites. Shilpi has appealed to people not to make this video viral.

Shilpi raj MMS Viral
Shilpi raj MMS Viral

Shilpi Raj has appealed to people by coming live on social media. Singer said that there is a wedding at her house, and people are writing anything and uploading anything on YouTube. Singer says that people know her behavior, she does not speak loudly to anyone. Now, what is wrong with him that he is from a small family? According to Shilpi, that video is not his. People want to defame their names by uploading dirty videos.

Shilpi Raj is a singer from the Bhojpuri industry, who has worked with Khesari Lal Yadav and other big names. He has sung many songs with Khesari, such as Jada Lagta, Zaad, Do Ghant, Babua Ke Khush Kar Da, Bas Kar Pagli. Let us remind you that earlier the MMS of actress Trishakar Madhu of the Bhojpuri industry also went viral. In she was also seen in an objectionable condition with her boyfriend.

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