What are the untold things in signature and how we can see our future by the type of signature. Surely, you must not have seen this information anywhere before.

Have you ever heard about Signature Astrology? The astrology in which signature can tell someone’s future or what is going on in that person’s life and what is going to come. So the use of ‘Dot’ is a part of the same signature astrology. After signing the dot given at the end of the signature, what difference does it make in our life. That is what we are going to know today.

What is the role of dot (.) in signature and is it right or wrong to give dot in signature? You must have seen in the signature of many people that they have made a dot after writing their name or many people draw a line below and make two dots after writing their name. So like this many people use dot i.e. point while signing.

Having a dot in your signature only brings the effect of Shani. Shani means the god of justice. Whenever someone gives a dot after signing his name, it means that he has stopped his own growth. That means you will have to stop at any one point of your success.

Not only this, the effect of Lord Shani is also known through this. In signature astrology, it is believed that signature means our name is such a thing which is always connected with our future past and present. If we talk for most of the future, then the signature should always be kept free. If we give a dot in the name or signature, then it will affect our growth.

Now let us know what does it mean if after signing someone makes a line at the bottom and gives a dot after that. Suppose if someone makes a line and gives a dot in front of it after signing, it means that his health will start deteriorating gradually. Actually that dot shows the problem of our health.

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After this, if someone makes two dots by making a line after signing, then it means that he will be in debt.

In the end, I would like to say that, never use dot in your signature. That is, do not use dots anywhere at the end of the signature or at the beginning of the signature. Because it can affect your future and your financial growth.

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