Social media celebrity Anjali Arora, who made a splash in Kangana Ranaut’s reality show ‘Lock Up’, is in the headlines for the wrong reasons. It is claimed on social media that an alleged MMS of Anjali has been leaked and is becoming increasingly viral.

After the video went viral, Anjali was asked for a reaction in the media on this, but at first, she refused to say anything about it. But recently he has broken his silence on his alleged leaked MMS and made many shocking revelations.

Anjali Arora
Anjali Arora

Know that during a conversation with RJ Siddhartha Kannan, Anjali Arora told about MMS that “I do not know about what people are doing. Putting my photo by my name that this is Anjali Arora’s MMS. This is that… I don’t know why people are doing this. All these people have made me and these people are doing this. He also has a family, I also have a family. my family also watches all my videos

While reacting to the video, Anjali appeared very emotional and her eyes were moist. Anjali said, “Many times I think about all these things, then it seems that why are people doing this. If I am not in the video, then why is it being made viral? Actually, for the views on YouTube, it is being said that this is Anjali Arora’s MMS. With this, it is that. Man, I too have a family. I have a brother, I have a sister. I have younger brothers and sisters who see all this. There are also many people who are taking all these things in a very wrong way. I agree that you guys want to defame someone but in this way man? It is said that when you are not able to match someone, then start defaming him, then these people are doing only that.

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