Anjali Arora opened the secret: The first elimination of Bollywood queen Kangana Ranaut’s controversial reality show Lock Up took place on Sunday with Chakrapani going out. In the Judgment Day episode, the contestants are eliminated from the show, although it will be broadcast on the weekend. Meanwhile, to save herself from homelessness, Kangana asked the contestants to share a secret that no one knows.

These days a promo of social media influencer Anjali Arora from the lock-up show has been released. Where host Kangana asks him to tell a secret. After which Anjali, who has more than 11 million followers on Instagram, said,

“I went to Russia in December. Well, I haven’t had any relationship till now. Nothing remained. So I was very attracted to a receptionist there. I took 5000 rubles from the receptionist. It was Saturday night there, so he offered me a party. I only wanted money, so I asked him for money and he gave it too and then we went to the party together. None of my friends know about this. I don’t know how parents will react after seeing this.

Hearing this secret of Anjali Arora, people are constantly trolling her on social media. One user made fun of Anjali’s reply and said, ‘What a secret.’ Another said, ‘Wow what a secret… Bilkul Panchatantra ki Kahani.’ Another user mocked her and said, ‘Where are you from? Such a stupid script is gone.’

Hearing Anjali’s reply, one said, “How secret is this brother? If the details have been edited from the video then that is a different matter.

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