Raksha Bandhan Review: When the trailer of Rakshabandhan came, it was a shock how can this happen. How can a director like Aanand L Roy, and an actor like Akshay Kumar come up with a film that the Hindi film industry has left behind over the years? And now even the songs played on Raksha Bandhan have become centuries old. In such a situation, when Aanand L Roy and Akshay Kumar gave the slogan Returns to Feelings, there was happiness in the heart, but there was also a fear that will the audience accept it like this.

Four sisters and a brother, a promise made to the mother, due to this promise, her own love story running on the edge of the sword was shown in the trailer. But the story of Raksha Bandhan goes much further than this.

Lala Kedarnath, who claims to have given son prasad to pregnant women by feeding golgappas for generations at Chandni Chowk, repeatedly says that giving son and daughter is in Ram’s hands, but the shop is run with the same claim. Lala is unable to add dowry for the marriage of his sisters in the quest to repay the loan taken by his ancestors. And the sisters are also like goddesses, everyone has different forms, different colors, and different qualities.

Day and night Kedarnath is busy selling chaat, adding dowry to sisters. And sisters, having fun with their brother. Between the responsibilities of the sisters, there is a mountain-like obstacle in the completion of Lala’s love story. His dad’s trust is broken to get Lala’s love Sapna married. Gupta Ji wants to get his daughter Sapna married before retirement at any cost.

Even after doing Jagrata at night and selling chaat, the amount of dowry was not being met. But anyway, Lala settles the marriage of his first sister, Gayatri. Then comes such a twist in the story that the world of Kedar and his sisters brings a storm. The relationship of a brother, who even sold his kidney for the marriage of his sisters, is so strong that even after getting the news of the death of his sister who was persecuted for dowry, blood flows from her waist while running on the streets. In front of tears and pain becomes smaller.

It’s amazing that people say that movies don’t show the truth. See, Raksha Bandhan is showing the truth, telling the problem, and also suggesting its solution, that by making your sister and daughter so capable that there are long lines to get their support. Sisters and daughters choose the partner of their choice.

Rakshabandhan, less than two hours short, binds you in a relationship. The story of Himanshu and Kanika is the life of Rakshabandhan. Its songs and its background score make you feel that cinema has remained untouched over the years. These golgappas of relationships are spicy, sour, sweet, and salty, everything is absolutely perfect.

Director Aanand L Roy has touched the pulse of India this time, that you will see this film, laugh, cry and smile. When you come out of the theatre, you will find something changing inside you.

Coming to the performance, Akshay Kumar hasn’t changed himself in the slightest for the character of Lala Kedarnath. With a white beard and black mustache, he has not hidden the slightest bit of his age. He has just become Lala Kedarnath. This is the truest performance of Akshay. Saadia Khatib, who played Gayatri as the four sisters, has been the focus of most attention, and Saadia hasn’t been disappointed at all. She is shining like a star.

The work of Sachmeen, Smriti, and Dipika are also superb. Don’t ask Seema Pahwa, the beauty of Seema Pahwa, who became the owner of the Marriage Bureau, is wonderful. Akshay’s partner Sahil Mehta’s comic timing is amazing. You will also be angry with Neeraj Sood, who became Sapna’s father, but by the end of the film, you will start falling in love with her. The most special mention is to be given to Bhumi Pednekar, a standing ovation is made for the way Bhumi has played her character as Sapna. Aanand L. Roy has fulfilled the promise made to Bhumi and Bhumi has also fulfilled this dream.

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