Born in a simple family of Delhi, Huma Qureshi is a famous Bollywood actress today. It is said that Huma was first seen by Anurag Kashyap in Samsung’s ad. Whose film director Anurag had cast her in Gang of Wasseypur. Since then he has never looked back. Know how much property the owner of Huma Qureshi

Huma has established herself in the industry today on the basis of her acting, but today in this article we will not talk about her film career but about her personal life. Huma is 36 but she has not married. Today in this article we will talk about all the affairs of the actress so far.

1) Sohail Khan

Actress Huma Qureshi’s name has also been associated with actor and filmmaker Sohail Khan. These rumors are also heard a lot in the media that Sohail had given very expensive gifts to Huma. But the actress had called Sohail like a brother and told the things of the gift to be false.

2) Anurag Kashyap

Huma was struggling when director Anurag Kashyap cast her in Gang of Wasseypur. After which the news of Anurag and Huma’s affair started flying. It has also been claimed in media reports that Huma is guilty of breaking the marriage of Kalki Koechlin and Anuraj. In the year 2014, Huma and Anurag were seen hugging during the screening of American Hustle in Mumbai. After which rumors started flying about their relationship.

3) Arjan Bajwa

In 2012, there was also news of Huma and Arjan Bajwa’s affair. They were seen having tea together in a restaurant in Mumbai. Huma never talked about her relationship with Arjan. But according to media reports, both had dated each other for a long time.

3) Shahid Kapoor

Huma and Shahid Kapoor’s affair is also heard a lot. According to the report, both were seen enjoying their vacation together in Goa in 2013. However, Shahid had called these reports false and said that “He had met her only a couple of times. I don’t know where such stories come from. I have met Huma only twice. Singledom has its challenges. Any girl you meet. Your name is added to it. Kareena-Shahid used to swear to live together and die, the relationship broke because of this person

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