Kantara movie is seeming to be unstoppable as it is about to cross the milestone of 300 crores. However, with this achievement, the film is going to become the 7th Indian Film to reach this number in 2022. The film is said to beating Baahubali 2 by gaining a huge margin of 55 percent in the fifth weekend. 

Rishab Shetty’s Kantara is certainly going to create many histories, by looking at the success of the film. Within its release, the film gained wide attention from across the country and made the place in the top list. Earlier, KGF Chapter 2 (1230 Crores), RRR (1144 crores), Ponniyin Selvan I (464.70 crores) and a few others were able to cross this number. 

Kantara release date is September 30, 2022. Since then, the film was mostly on the top stories and headlines. Still, there’s no sign when it is going to slow down. With the rise in the demand for film, more centers have decided to move forward and showcase the film on their screens. 

It has gained a total of 289.21 crores in just 31 days. Out of which, India’s total contribution is around 268.21 crores, and the remaining 21 crores are from overseas. Considering the craze and success of the film, it is no doubt Kantara is going to override the others in terms of earnings. 

Kantara Hindi Box Office Collection

Talking the Hindi version which has got around Rs. 42.95 crores, outstanding the Hindi dubbed releases of Karthikeya 2, and Ponniyin Selvan I. KGF Chapter 1 Hindi was somewhere near Rs. 45 crores. So, it seems to be safe to say the film is going to easily hit the mark of 50 if everything goes well like now. 

Two weeks before when the Hindi version was first released, people didn’t get any feel for whether the movie is going to make something big or not. However, things got changed when it started showing upward growth and getting good responses from the viewers. Meanwhile, its OTT premiere is not going to happen any soon. The filmmakers haven’t given any thought yet to when and where it will be streamed for OTT fans. 

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