Parole Movie: Directed by Dwarakh Raja, Parole is an upcoming Indian Tamil language film scheduled to release on November 11, 2022. This is the second film for director Dwarakh Raja, he had previously released Kadhal Kasakuthaiya as his debut film. 

Fans are highly excited for Parole, the crime thriller to come to theatres. 

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The movie stars iconic actors like R.S. Karthiik, Linga Dheenadayalan, Kalpika Ganesh, and Monisha Murali who play the lead roles. 

On November 8, Parole brought out their second trailer on YouTube.

Actor-Producer Vijay Sethupathi who narrated the film throughout with voice over took to Twitter on November 8. And He shared the link to the official trailer along with it he mentions the release date with the hashtag #ParolefromNov11.

In September TrendMusic on YouTube broadcasted Parole’s first official trailer and currently, it has received over 1.6M views.

Fans are also thrilled to experience more of Parole’s music which is composed by Rajkumar Amal. The song ‘Mera Madha Margaya’ came out last month and the fans seem to really love the song. 

Besides this one, other tracks include Vaa Maa Thendral, Neurobass Ninam, Anbe Gadhi, Agandhaiye, and Po Maa Thendral. 

Parole centers around an exciting plot. Two brothers Kovalan and Karikalan are the two lead roles in this movie. 

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Karikalan is a person who had committed multiple crimes and was sent to jail for his wrongdoings. However, during his time in prison, their mother passes away. Will Karikalan be allowed to perform his mother’s last rites on parole? Will the two brothers connect with each other again? 

Find all the answers on November 11, only in theatres. 

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