Director Nagaraj ‘MG’ Gowda is all set to release his upcoming movie December 24 Release on November 10, 2022, in the theaters. This Kannada movie has a very interesting and engaging plot. 

Although nothing much has been announced about the film, it is evident that the story is based on some real-life events which took place in Karnataka in the years between 2015 to 2019. During these years due to environmental issues, newborn babies were struggling with breathing problems which later led to the deaths of those kids. In order to take control of this disastrous situation a medical team of eight members headed on a journey to discover a remedy where they encountered multiple hardships. 

This thriller film’s cast includes Appu, the protagonist, Bhumika who plays the heroine, and the rest of the characters are Jagadeesh, Rishad Mahmud, Ravi K R Pete, Milan Ramesh, and Raghu Shetty. 

In March the production team dropped a motion poster and it was warmly welcomed by the audience. 

The same channel also released a lyric video of a song named ‘Moda Dati Banda’ from the movie December 24

The estimated Box Office budget for this thriller is around ₹15,000,000.

Besides December 24, the other most anticipated movies which await release are Bhediya; starring Varun Dhawan and Kriti Shanon, Abhishek Pathak’s sequel film Drishyam 2, sci-fi action thriller Yashoda and Ritesh – Genelia’s comeback comedy movie Mister Mummy. 

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