Protecting Yourself From Cyber Scammers: Hello friends, today we will tell you that not only greed, but also other factors can lead to falling into the trap of fraudsters. Later, we have to face the consequences. Fraudsters can easily track our bank accounts and immediately debit lakhs of rupees from them. However, if you keep certain things in mind, these scammers cannot harm you.

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Let us know how to avoid such traps. Experts suggest that many times we share our personal details due to the temptation of making easy money. We think that we are going to get a lot of money but it never happens. Instead, hackers gain access to our bank account details. Therefore, it is important to not answer calls or texts from unknown numbers and not get fooled by promises of easy money for little work.

A former DRDO scientist recently wrote a book on how to avoid cyber criminals. He says, “Such criminals play with people’s emotions and target their vulnerabilities”.

The book, titled ‘Cyber Encounters’, explains that common people become victims of cyber criminals for three reasons: “greed, curiosity, and fear”.

First, you may receive a call or message from an unknown number asking you to complete your KYC or link your bank account with your Aadhaar card, warning you that your account will be blocked if you fail to do so. This is a simple fraud tactic that criminals frequently use.

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If you find yourself in such a situation, contact the cyber crime department of the police. You can call 1930, the helpline number of the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal, to report your problem.

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